Tips for accounting firms to run onshore and offshore teams in parallel


Accounting firms face a unique challenge: ensuring timely, high-quality services while managing resources efficiently. A growing trend is the pairing of local and international teams to harness the unique benefits of both. But with this mix comes the task of effective management, especially in an era where remote work is becoming the norm.

How do firms ensure that both teams work harmoniously, complementing each other's strengths? How can they foster collaboration and maintain consistent quality across borders? These are pressing questions, and finding the correct answers can set a firm apart.

In this article, we'll outline five actionable tips tailored for accounting firms, aiming to bridge the gap between onshore and offshore teams, ensuring seamless operations and top-tier results.

Key takeaways

Onshore teams operate within your country, while offshore teams are based abroad, offering distinct advantages and challenges.

When integrating teams, start by assigning basic tasks to offshore teams and tasks requiring direct client interaction to onshore teams.

Managing onshore and offshore teams in tandem can be daunting, but with the right strategies, it's advantageous.

By choosing Accxpert, accounting firms can achieve substantial savings, up to a 70% reduction in labour costs.

What is an onshore and offshore team?

An onshore team is a team of workers in your country to whom you’ve outsourced your project(s). For instance, if a company based in Brisbane outsources work to a team in Perth, they're employing an onshore approach. This setup brings benefits like similar time zones and cultural understanding, making coordination and communication more straightforward.

Conversely, an offshore team is when you hire professionals from another country to handle specific projects or tasks. This can mean tapping into specialised skills or seeking cost efficiencies from nations with lower operational costs.

While this method might come with challenges, such as time zone differences or varied cultural practices, with the right strategies and commitment to best practices, the advantages can be compelling. By effectively managing onshore and offshore partnerships, businesses can enhance quality while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Five tips for running an onshore and offshore team in parallel

Running an onshore and offshore team in parallel can be complex but rewarding. Here are some tips to help accounting firms successfully coordinate and manage teams in different locations:

  • Start small

    When integrating onshore and offshore teams, accounting firms must begin with a measured approach. Instead of transitioning a large volume of operations or responsibilities at once to both teams, introducing tasks progressively is more effective. Initially, tasks that require a deep understanding of local financial rules and direct interactions with clients should be handled by the onshore team. This ensures the firm maintains its credibility, provides top-notch service, and strengthens client relationships.

    Conversely, offshore teams can efficiently tackle tasks like data entry, simple bookkeeping, and regular reporting. This division not only streamlines operations but also ensures clear communication. Over time, as both teams become more synchronised, they can collaboratively handle more complex tasks, such as in-depth tax analysis, financial forecasting, and more. This teamwork makes use of everyone's skills and leads to better results.

  • Set clear rules

    Set clear rules for how your onshore and offshore teams work together. These rules help everyone understand what's expected of them. Ensure you communicate how tasks should be done and when they must be finished. Also, keep your teams updated on how the project will motivate them.

    Because your teams are in different places, everyone must know their roles and what others are doing. You can use a shared calendar where everyone marks their daily tasks to help with communication between teams. This way, everyone can work smoothly together.

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  • Communicate clearly

    Clear communication is essential when coordinating between onshore and offshore teams. Challenges often arise from misunderstandings, common in any workplace, but can be heightened when teams are spread across different regions. Fortunately, modern tools like Workday and Asana have made it easier to manage tasks and priorities, allowing offshore members to work seamlessly within shared systems.

    However, tools alone aren't enough. It's crucial to manage expectations. This is where an onshore leader or "champion" becomes invaluable. They can clarify roles, set realistic expectations, and ensure both sides understand the collaboration's nuances. Businesses can foster a harmonious and efficient working relationship between their onshore and offshore teams by taking this step.

  • Providing growth opportunities

    Another concern you need to address is keeping your onshore and offshore teams engaged in their professional development. Both teams, regardless of their location, have aspirations and goals. Without a clear path forward, there's a risk of them feeling undervalued or stagnant, which can lead to decreased motivation and even turnover.

    To combat this, it's essential to outline distinct development paths tailored for each team. Providing a roadmap for growth not only instills a sense of purpose but also reinforces their value within the firm. By recognising and addressing the unique aspirations of both onshore and offshore members, you can create a unified strategy that promotes continuous learning and advancement.

    Furthermore, offering specialised training sessions or workshops can further enhance their skills. Regular feedback sessions and progress assessments ensure that both teams remain aligned with the firm's objectives and personal growth goals. Such a proactive approach to professional development strengthens team cohesion, boosts morale, and ultimately benefits the firm's productivity and success.

  • Boosting morale across teams

    A thriving business environment for accounting firms is deeply tied to the drive and welfare of both its local and global teams. It's imperative to foster a culture where each member, whether in Sydney or Singapore, feels their efforts are acknowledged and cherished. Frequent communication, even through online platforms, can diminish geographical barriers and cultivate a unified spirit.

    Tackling financial hurdles directly, offering immediate insights, and applauding joint achievements can solidify this connection. Moreover, these firms must guarantee that every accountant has consistent access to the necessary tools and resources, ensuring a balanced and fair working environment.

    By adopting these strategies, accounting firms can achieve fluid teamwork, enhanced efficiency, and a workplace ethos that spreads across geographical boundaries.

Why should you choose Accxpert's offshore accountants?

Accounting firms looking to hire offshore accountants can enjoy several advantages by choosing Accxpert. Here are a few reasons to choose our offshoring services:

Cost saving

Cost saving:

With Accxpert, accounting firms can achieve significant savings, reducing labor costs by up to 70%.

Data protection:

We hold ISO 27001 certification, signifying our commitment to robust data protection in line with global security standards


Our profound knowledge of local tax regulations and business practices allows us to serve accounting firms of all sizes effectively

Dedicated oversight

Dedicated oversight:

Guided by seasoned supervisors, our accountants deliver quality work and address all business queries.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration:

Our offshore accountants work harmoniously, delivering unmatched accounting expertise tailored to your needs.

Wrap up!

Onshore and offshore collaboration can challenge accounting firms without streamlining processes. With some effort, however, it’s possible to set up a mutually beneficial system where both onshore and offshore teams can thrive in parallel.

The five tips shared in this blog are essential steps towards this goal. And when it comes to delivering top-notch accounting services, AccXpert's highly skilled team is always at the ready. Beyond just services, AccXpert offers a partnership that understands the unique challenges and opportunities businesses face.

From tax preparation to advisory services, our team is equipped to handle every facet of accounting with precision and dedication. Trust in AccXpert for all your accounting needs and experience the commitment and expertise that sets us apart. Contact us today and elevate your accounting operations to unparalleled heights! `

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